Friday, April 3, 2015

NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero, day 3: Indulgences

From Magaly: "Craft a poem about spoiling your Self or the Self of another. Let decadence run wild."

To honor my Dragon.

Dragon's Hoard

Our hearts
flowing with love like rivers of gold
keep you close and and dear.
Our eyes, bright as gems,
sparkling in delight, excitement, joy
gaze upward to your face, well loved.

Our arms draped about your neck
like strings of pearls
to hold and be held.

Our minds as one
in knowing you;
with our lips we bless you
with words:
Guardian, Comfort, Friend
Teacher, Playmate, Protector
Father, Lover
We, your treasure hoard, name you

Dragons' Treasure by Skye-Fyre on deviantART


  1. I never thought about dragons that way. But I guess you're right, when a dragon loves... it doesn't let go.

    1. Not all dragons hoard gold and jewels...

  2. Dragons so close to my heart. I love your tale of their devotion, family bonds hold tight with in the dragons nest.

    1. When a dragon chooses to love, it is vast and magnificent. Thank you.