Thursday, April 2, 2015

NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero, Day 1: The Birth of Your Art

(and introducing my Inner Snarky Writer)

Hello, your beloved (I hope! :D) Artful White Fox here under a pen name; you can call me Minerva, Min, or just Fox. Or Ms. Pendragon, if you'd prefer something a little more formal. But really, we're all friends here, aren't we? 

What brings me out of my den today? Why, April is National Poetry Writing Month, of course. And Magaly dearest  has decided to take the pointy end of her broom and poke all of her delightfully creative friends and followers (really, Magaly dear, we might as well start calling it your Collective!) until something artsy and interesting leaks out of various appendages... mouth, hands, what-have-you. No, wait, strike that... it sounded dreadful. What's the polite and proper word? Oh, yes, she's decided to "inspire" us all... and we all know what that means. We're all going to end up digging deep and pouring forth who-knows-what to further our own artistic ends, means, and egos (in that order, of course). 

Challenges like this are wonderful, especially when we get to stroke each others' artistic egos. Now, I've missed the first couple of days, but I can catch up quick as a cat, just you watch me. 

A bit of dreamy whimsy : The Birth of My Art

I started with a pen in 1993
Or did it start with me?
Inspired by a small robot named Norby
pen and paper
A doodle here
a small phrase there
and grew and grew in my garden grey(matter)
Sprung, I hoped, from Mr. Asimov's creative loins
Suckled at the breast of Ms. Norton's enfolding vision
And nursemaided by Mr. Roddenberry's dreams
Robots, starships, psychohistory, Forerunners, and far-flung stars
My heroes, I held firm in my thoughts
my Muse, like the whip's cruel caress, whispered through her sharpened teeth
I envisioned
and my fingers moved
and words flowed
and flow still. 


  1. "Suckled at the breast of Ms. Norton's enfolding vision." I LOVE this line. Both the imagery and the symbolism. The birth of a poet is a tremendous thing.

    1. Thank you very much, gracious wordsmith. I had a lot of fun writing this. :D

  2. asking if the pen "started with me" made me smile. I think all writers, of every sort of medium feel like that. Like we have to do what we do, it's not an option. Excellent.

    1. Indeed. The medium chooses its artist, sometimes in a long and oft-painful search. Thank you!

  3. I love the play of starting with a pen and the words
    " Robots, starships, psychohistory, Forerunners, and far-flung stars
    My heroes, I held firm in my thoughts"
    Hero's are good to cling on too even when they float off among the stars.

    1. And from those three, my list of literary heroes has only grown. I'm always thrilled to learn something new from those writers I love to read.

      Thank you, Jane. :)