Friday, June 27, 2014

Perfect World

There's no such thing
as perfection without
or perfection within
Every so often
we touch a fire
that burns as close
as possible
but every fire
becomes but smoke in the end
may its memory be sweet
at least.

From that fire
is birthed many things
and horror
the good, the bad
the bright, the tarnished
should not be
the subject of desire

Do not strive
for a perfect world
it will always burn
to ashes
From which something else
will rise
Strive instead for that
which makes your heart glow,
makes it full
and glad
and warm.

Be instead
As the Phoenix
And rise
To drink the starlight
and bathe in the moonlight
Let the sun
And wind
Nourish your body and soul
Let the twilight time
Be as a blanket
Peaceful and safe
Balanced in between.