Monday, January 20, 2014

Documented (Artful Reader) Life Project

So I joined in with two community projects this year, the Documented Life Project and the Artful Reader's Club (thanks to Magaly), and they're slowly becoming melded together in my head, like my Muse took up a welding torch and went to town. It's sloppy, but inevitable. And, you never know, something cool might come out of it.

The Documented Life Project is a weekly inspiration group for art journaling. The Artful Reader's Club read books, review them, and do art based on the books.  The second is right up my alley. The first... a touch outside of my Muse's regular hunting grounds. But that's rather the point, now, isn't it? It's time my Muse stretched herself a bit... now to hope she doesn't rebel. It's usually rather ugly when she does.

Before you read any further, I should explain two things about myself:

1) I am a chaotic soul. I don't do well with schedules or plans or resolutions etc. I hop from one project to another and back again without warning or (sometimes) conclusion. This is why I have so many unfinished stories sitting on my hard drive (added to the fact that I'm having issues with my word processor on the birthday present machine).

2) I am easily distracted by bright shiny objects. This kind of goes along with the chaotic soul thing, but is also somewhat of its own entity. It just makes the chaos a little... sparklier.

So, here's hoping I'll be able to stick with this, and forge it into something beautiful. Here's to re-crafting my... our... life, with Documented Life Project (week 1) somewhat late but better than never:

 My (once upon a time to come) Front Door, 
crafted in pen and colored pencil, and Tombow brush markers:

The beginning of my Artful Reader's Club book list:
1) Crafting Magick with Pen and Ink - Susan Pesznecker
2) Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales
3) The Poems of Robert Burns
4) Tales of Mystery and Imagination - E.A. Poe (a collection)
5) The Te of Piglet - Benjamin Hoff
6) Hyperion Cantos - Dan Simmons (February challenge - to re-read a book(s) you love)

More to come.
-the Artful (hopeful) White Fox.


  1. Good luck and nice list. I might have to have a look at the Artful Readers' Club. Building a new library needs a book list.

    1. Thank you! I'm enjoying it so far, even though the rest of my list doesn't seem to want to fill out, no matter how I chew on it...