Monday, June 10, 2013

the Storm

the land takes a breath
the sky loses its light
swift now the darkness races 'cross the blue
green turns to gray and all stills in wait
flesh quivers, quails, cries out
terrified and yearning
feels the fire coming
as the land awaits the kiss
of violence that renews
flash of light
of death and life
this that kills and makes stronger
touch it, feel it
hear it roar in wordless voice
caress of cold and wet
as the air begins to drown
feel it, drink it in
draw it down inside
through and around
claim the burning
quell the yearning
sate the thirsting
feel it in your teeth
in hair, in eyes and skin and nails
sink those teeth into it
bite the wind and feel it howl
taste the thunder as it splits your skull
scream in chorus til your throat bleeds
embrace the rain and drink it til you drown
feel the land returning
taste the sky a-birthing
drown, drown, drown in the lightning burning
and waken laughing
with eyes flashing
skin crackling
blood burning
bones aching
and never