Friday, December 6, 2013

NaNo 2013

So it didn't go so well this year, despite challenging friends and lover and hoping that their participation would kick me into gear... it didn't, in case you couldn't tell. Thanks anyway, Magaly, Rhissanna, Tabbi, and my Dragon dearest...

My NaNo this year was The Darkness Eaters: "In order to be a beacon of the Light, sometimes one must consume the Dark." A member of an ancient order of demonslayers discovers a secret that might just shatter them all.

I got to a little over 2000 words, which isn't a bad start, and like always I have yet another story that (I think) is brilliant and I may one day finish. It was inspired by Magaly Guerrerro's All Hallow's Grim (which you may remember I wrote In Death's Shadow for), and some of Luis Royo's paintings.

If you're not familiar with Luis Royo, I would suggest to carefully tiptoe over to Google and search Images. I say carefully, because his paintings (while amazing, from a technical standpoint - I could go on all day about how he uses detail and light and fabric wrinkles and... well, you get the idea) tend to challenge our idea of Good and Evil and spin it around until you're not sure which way is up. He also dips heavily into nudity, sexuality, and puts both into taboo settings. Not all of his paintings are like that, but many. So tread lightly if you go looking. However, his women are strong, beautiful, dangerous, powerful, and mysterious. They are often reminiscent of ancient Minoan goddesses, or Ishtar and Inanna, or the Morrighan, and the Warrior-queen of Connacht from Celtic mythos. When they are not wielding swords and slaying monsters, they are seducing these selfsame monsters (and sometimes both). He shows them in the midst of sacrifice, and at rest. He shows them at the peaks of passion. And sometimes, just sometimes, he depicts these wicked and powerful women in the arms of a sweet and sensuous human lover, who can make her feel whole again and give her absolution. I find their delicate forms, challenging stares and bold poses inspiring.

Every one of his pieces has a story behind it, that makes you wonder what he had in mind when he put brush to canvas. Some of the ones that have inspired me for this year's NaNo, The Darkness Eaters:

I could also go into music that inspired me, among a ton of other things, but I will wrap it up here and go do what I was trying to do when this distracted me: write! Thanks again to Magaly, Rhissanna, Tabbi, and my Dragon for aiding and abetting this year's NaNo, even if it didn't go anywhere (like usual). I got another start out of it. Here's to finishing, eventually.


  1. No need to thank me. You did what you did because of you. Textual support on a screen only goes so far (with Magaly, it goes more than most, the woman is a shining beacon) and then you have to pick it up and carry it on your own. If you got further than you thought, that's good. If you're not happy with how far you travelled, then you learned something about the road ahead. Either way, you're better than you were and sometimes that has to be enough, if there are other things going on. I've liked Royo's illustrations for a long time, but they are a distraction! That's what the Internet is, a big, crinkly, sparkly, distracting cat-toy and if we're to do anything, we have to remember that.

    1. I have a ton of Royo's illustrations saved to my hard drive, so I don't have to go Internet-ing when I need that inspiration. I am all too aware how diverting that cat-toy can be! Far too easily distracted by bright, shiny objects.

      I'm one of those people that can only get so far on my own; without input and a fresh perspective, I stagnate in my writing far too easily. Sometimes that input and perspective is just enough to know I'm not the only one out there. I still appreciate the camaraderie and companionship on this past NaNo's journey. Writing may be an (often) solo game, but it's more fun, and easier, when shared.