Thursday, May 9, 2013


under dark veil of night
we weep for those are lost
in the silence after the fight
it's all over; the war is won

let's not pray for those are passed
they are beyond our ken
we must hope for the ones who last
and merely fade away

what can be done has been done
we've achieved all we could
even though the war is won
there's nothing for it now

the fight continues, fierce and strong
it's never over 'til you're dead
we are convinced they're wrong
won't know 'til it's too late

they were right, we were evil
though did not know it then
so from the grave we speak their will
step forth, carry their voices

that this may never again take place
we whisper their names and cry their tears
weave their words like threads of lace
never again, never this way.

This is something I wrote in 2006 and posted over at Livejournal, and I felt it was pertinent again today.

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