Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Interlude of Obsession

So as you might guess from the title, I have been obsessing a bit. What over? Well... my Dragon and I are trying to put together a world for some RPG sessions based on the Palladium Heroes Unlimited system... For those of you familiar with it, you'll know that it's geared toward Marvel and DC comics-esque roleplaying.

The setting: far-flung future, dead Earth, star empires, with dystopian post-apocalyptic cyberpunk influences. Think William Gibson's Sprawl trilogy meets Andre Norton's Forerunner/Uncharted Stars & Zero Stone universe meets Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos meets the old b-grade sci-fi movie Ice Pirates. With a dash of the new show Defiance added to Firefly scattered all across the top to make it shiny. Yes, I know, that's a lot of influences... but I have so many! Andre Norton and William Gibson only scratch the surface... but Andre Norton's science fiction are perhaps one of the greatest defining sci-fi influences in my creative life.

The trouble I run into is coming up with characters for settings like these without stepping on toes of what's already been done. Because, if you follow these genres at all, you'll know that while they do have certain themes they stick with, there is also a great number of satellite archetypes they utilize, and often. I am currently attempting to come up with a main character and backstory... and I have about 4 different directions she could go in. Part of my trouble is that my Dragon dearest has not yet told me what he's thinking up, so I don't have anything to bounce off of.

We try to write together, he and I. I think if we could get our act together, we could write many epic stories with concepts and plot bunnies that have never yet hit the shelves. So here's keeping my fingers crossed that we can find the time amongst getting our lives... and the Studio... up and running, to write something amazing. Because I know we've got it in us. We both have a passion for good fantasy/sci-fi... though we don't necessarily have the same ideas of what constitutes "good," however we can agree on enough to make it plausible. Heh. We have similar writing styles and phraseology, etc. Most of the time we can come up with compelling imagery and characters... though that is often more his forte' than mine. My strong suit is wording and phrasing. At least, I think it is. He has a dark, twisted sense of humor and takes a sadistic delight in messing with people. He also has a way of coming at something from a wholly unexpected direction that deepens and broadens a tale. I know, because I've gamed with him (Dungeons & Dragons 3.5) and his breadth of vision is awe-inspiring. And if he ever reads this, I will never live it down, ha! ;) I, on the other hand, love grand, sweeping epic tales - you know, the sort that puts Lord of the Rings to shame. We have had several things in the works (on top of the multitudes that are mine alone), which are still sitting on my hard drive and I dearly hope one day we''ll return to. Because they were awesome, if I do say so myself. In fact, Starsoul, that I've been posting excerpts from, is one of the things that has been somewhat of a collaboration.... though my Dragon has been more sounding board and occasional assistant concept designer than actual co-writer.

The only real big problem is, if anything of ours ever got published, I'd have to come up with a pen name. Because trust me, my legal name would look terrible on a book cover.


  1. Hey, maybe when publication comes you can go the Ilona Andrews way...


    1. Hummmmmm.... that is pretty cool.

      I'd still have to come up with one for my solo works though... lol.