Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's random thought (for parents)

(Inspired by the end scene of an episode of How I Met Your Mother)

Be the kind of mom(dad) you would be if you were a single mother(father).

What would you do differently? How much more would the little moments mean? Would you hug more? Tell more bedtime stories? "Spoil" your child more? (by which I mean lots of love and understanding and attention... not the overly permissive never-say-no stuff. I believe saying no is good for a child's development) Play more?

Would you do any of these less?


  1. I think being a single parent tends to induce more tolerance of certain behaviors. Think about it. If you spend most of your time working to feed your child and keep him/her healthy and sheltered, it would be kind of hard to "ruin" the bit of time you share together by putting him/her on timeout for too long if the child was to, let's say, throw a tantrum.

    1. Agreed. I just wish that tolerance was not so often taken as synonymous with permissive. I think it should be possible to respond to certain behaviors... like tantrums... without having to be either punishing or permissive.

      I also think it should be possible (and I've heard stories from parents who made it work) to be a working parent and teach a child how to behave like a decent human being without being totalitarian about it... gah, I could write and write and write about parenting techniques. lol.