Saturday, April 20, 2013

Starsoul: the Artificer Enigma, excerpt 1


When I started writing in this journal, I never thought my journey would take me this far. I never thought my story would take up so many pages. When I first laid eyes on him, I saw only madness.  I could not have imagined the truths that hid behind his eyes, or that lurked unknown in the depths of my own being. And I did not realize how badly a person could be hurt by another, or how fear and pain begin to wear out after a while, until all you feel is numb…
I feel I must explain myself a bit. I realize this has been done before, and will be done again, and you may not wish to read yet another tale written in this manner. But to fully understand my story, my journey, it must be told this way. It must be read this way. You will read these, the entries from the pages of my journal, the gift from my best friend that was also her last monument, her last memorial. You will read other things, which I added afterward, things I came to understand only later. Even this that you read now was added only here, at the end, and I do not know yet what that ending will be. I have much to relate to you, and it will take many hours to write all my thoughts, to be sure you can understand. It is a tale of wonder, and horror, of bravery and cowardice, of terror and anguish and also joy. Our journey was one of magic, and blood, and love and hate. It was a journey for a chance to touch Eternity. For this, our world, our Myrrdain, had never seen the like of him, or of me for that matter, in those days… and may never see such again.
If this seems disjointed, my reader, forgive me. But I promise all will be made clear in time. It begins, in the beginning, with a story within a story…

I will tell you this story, even though with the telling, you may become part of it, and that is not a fate I would wish on any being.  It is likely you will never believe it, but that is your choice and does not make it any less a true story.
There was a star, once.  She burned bright blue-white and she danced the steps of the heavens, and sang the song of Creation.  Her fire was strong and gentle, and her beauty lit the skies with its radiance.  She knew her steps and moved through them perfectly, joyfully, and unafraid.  Her worlds sparkled about her like jewels, draped upon the lovely throat of her light.
She was loved, and did love.  There was a voice that sang to her across the light-years that separated them, and it sang with her.
Because of this, she looked outward from her own light.  Curious, and wondering, her sight searched the galaxy while her body danced its steps.  She saw her brother and sister stars, her fellow dancers, and their jewel-like worlds, and they were all beautiful.
And then her gaze came to the world that held her voice, the voice that sang to her and whispered love to her across the vast, impossible distances.  It called to her.
The world her voice resided upon was a small blue planet, one that cried out in the throes of pain, not unlike childbirth… and yet so unlike!
Pains of war and betrayal, pains of birthing and dying, all radiated out from this small sapphire world and the star reeled back from this flash of insight, this instance of true seeing.  In that moment, she knew what would become of that world.  Pain was new to her spirit; it was a shock she had never felt before.  She did not know it, and did not ever want to know it.  Yet here it was, inescapable and irrefutable.  Her voice lived in a world that was to know such pain…
So, she gathered her strength and looked upon the small blue world again; screams of the dead and dying met her senses, wailing and weeping and gnashing of teeth.  And she felt hatred and scorn, vengeance and rage, all boiling and bubbling out from that beautiful azure globe.  Never had she felt such things, known such things.  Death walked in untold numbers across the dancing-floor… but so too did life.
Her innocence was gone.
This tiny blue planet held the disharmonious seeds of imbalance, of more death than life, of entropy sped up too fast.  ‘Twas not only the death of the body, but of souls, of dreams and hopes – the deaths of a million hearts, succumbing to hopelessness and betrayal.  Entropy seethed across the surface of this planet, her voice’s world.  His world, whose star turned its face away in grief, knowing what was to come, driven to slumber unaware, unable to face what its charges must endure, yet unwilling to snuff them out and start anew.
She saw all this, and knew what would come.  She knew she was close, close to birthing, close to changing… close to dying and living and a new Name.  Almost, she drew back, but he called to her, the voice that loved her, and his world was beautiful…
He asked her to walk with him.
She gave up her breath and body; her light winked out in the heavens and she slept… and chose to forget what she knew of the world to come.  But her fire slept also, carried with her as she changed…
When she awoke, she saw him, her voice that called across the heavens, and knew only joy, unaware and innocent once again.

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  1. I want to see these people's clothes, their food, the inside of their house... I want to feel the star's shock as she enters the new world.

    I would like for the story to "show itself" happening. I enjoy storytelling and framing, but I'm wishing for more action.

    I think, and that is just me, that you can turn this chapter into a lot of pages, if you choose to flesh out the scenes. More dialogue would make me a happy Witch (but I'm greedy, so...)