Friday, April 19, 2013

Fox's Stories...

Wellllll... I have promised posts on my writing. I've been spending several days agonizing over which of my stories to start with. After much deliberating... I asked my Dragon. He told me to start with my NaNo attempt for this year. It's his favorite of my years of attempts... and even I have to admit that it's probably one of the best ones.

I am also incredibly sensitive about most of my stories, because I've never actually completed one. I've been writing since '93. There is one series of plotlines that have never coalesced into a cohesive whole, that I began in '93, that I have re-written many times, that has grown and evolved to include 3 generations of characters. I still have not completed one single story even of that series. And I have more than enough material to work with. Somehow, no matter what the story or how long I have worked on it, they always get stuck at some point.

Writing... being a published author... has been my lifelong dream. Isaac Asimov is my greatest literary hero, having had several short sci-fi stories published before he was in his teens. So here I am, almost 30, with nothing published to show for this. In spite of this, I have a lot of faith in my writing. I believe my concepts are solid. I think my style has evolved very well over the years. I believe I'm a pretty decent writer.

So this is kinda a big step for me. I've had my stories posted on FictionPress for a number of years, but they received very little interest. Though I'm pretty certain this is because there are SO many people posting on FicPress that it's fairly hit or miss.

Sooooo.... this is... well, I don't know how much more introduction this really needs. So stay tuned... Warning: this first story is nowhere near finished. So don't hate me when I finish posting and it's incomplete.

*crosses fingers*


  1. Maybe you need some encouragement. Maybe I can pick up one of my old stories--I have a few bits of flash fiction I want to expand--and we can finish them together.

    If you are stuck, I can help you move forward. We can edit/critique for each other. If if a little nudging isn't enough, I can always kick you. Yes, I'll go all the way :-D

    1. Hmm... sounds like you are proposing a literary relationship of a semi-permanent nature. Does this mean we're going steady? ;) Well, proposal accepted.

      And careful with that kicking stuff, I may enjoy it. All the way. Haha. :D

    2. *blushes* Okay, that's a lie, I don't think I'm capable of blushing lol.

      This is an invitation to know how good it feels to start a story, fight with it, fall in love with your characters, get suck, walk out of the quick sand, clean your story up, keep on going and then reach your tale's climax.

      Sometimes that path is easier when done with another ;-)