Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fish Bones, Raven Bones

My post today is another of my own creations; a tiny pendant wrapped in silver and painted with Eo - the Salmon.

Salmon were, to the Celts, the totem of wisdom.

Wisdom, and bones... (well, technically antler in this case... but antlers are after all an extension of the skull bones) I think this speaks for itself. 

And a bonus for this post, since we're so close to the end of the party: Morrighan. C'mon, the Raven Goddess and bones? (ok, ok, antler again, sorry!) also self-explanatory. :) This piece, I am both pleased and sorry to say, has been sold... but I can do similar ones. If you're interested...

What do you see when you see Wisdom on a bone? Or the Morrighan?


  1. I see the knowledge that gain with time, tradition and experience. And of course, I see the Morrighan cloaked in feathers looking stunning, lethal and eternal ;-)

    1. I thoroughly appreciate that you understand the Morrighan's dangerous nature; so many these days would rather overlook certain aspects of the old gods... even when those certain aspects were central to their myths.

      The essence of a being is written into the bones, the structure and even the very DNA that tells the bones what shape to stay in. What wisdom could one discover, written into the bones....