Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The word "fecund" seems almost like a dirty word, right up there with "menstruate" or "procreate" or half a dozen others I can't think of right now. It's a deep, earthy word that means "producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; fertile." It is synonymous with the words fertile, prolific, fruitful, productive, and rich. In other words, it's "go forth and multiply." It's a potent and abiding, sexual, lusty word.

Say it. Fecund. Say it out loud to yourself. "Fecund." How does it make you feel?

It reminds us that though at its basest level, sex is merely a necessity for the continuation of life, it is also beautiful, enjoyable, and ultimately an intimate, base, earthy, dirty act in the best ways imaginable. Sex is fecund. It's the earth, conjuring up images of fruit-laden orchards and fields lying open and waiting, eager and lusting for loving hands to plant seeds, or loving hands to harvest the bounty of the earth's green and growing things. It's images of sun-kissed waters and the caress of dusk as it brings out the fireflies to make love in the trees and grass, adorning the verdant leaves with shining copulation throughout all the long, heated summer days. It's a dream, and reality, all rolled into one delicious word. It makes it all beautiful, with two dirty little syllables. Fecund. Say it again, taste the syllables, feel them roll around hot and heavy in your mouth and mind. If you're not feeling vaguely uncomfortable... or excited... you're doing it wrong.

It means that newness flows forth.

It's something that's necessary and unavoidable, but can also be sacred and beautiful, or vile and disgusting, to be reviled and ignored and silenced when possible. It should be celebrated. It's all in your perspective.

Is fecundity sacred or profane? Or is it both? I love this word. It's descriptive. It evokes thought and perhaps even motion. It evokes imagery and emotion. What do you feel when hearing or thinking the word? (Go on... say it again. You know you want to. Whisper it. Fecund.) What images come to mind when you speak it aloud? Are they glorious or frightening? Or perhaps... both? What might that mean?

Fecundity is a fertile field, a ripe fruit, or a woman pregnant with a child conceived in love. And no matter the context, it is beautiful. Place that ripe fruit in a trash can, and it's still ripe and juicy and sweet, and you can still imagine its flavor bursting over your taste buds like a river overflowing her banks. The fertile field is surrounded by industry, and maybe polluted, but it is still rich with potential.

Maybe the pregnant woman is unwed, or underage, but she loves her child and she loves the man who helped her conceive, and that too is beautiful.

Fecund. Fertile. Fruitful. Create. Bring forth. Flow outward. Sensuality. Sensation. Sexuality. Love one another. The inner life waits for expression, the producing of the image of that life. The seed, the soil, the water, the sun, the sprout, the maturing plant, the flower, the fruit... and yes, even the dying.

For every growing-ground is also a dying-ground.

Even the creative life must die, but it dies only to be reborn, renewed, and ready to be plowed and planted all over again.


Blessed Beltane, my loves.


  1. In Spanish, the word for fertilization is "fecundar," so I've been saying it for a while. And I like its sound. But I'll say it in English, "Fecund, fecund, fecund!" It does sound awesome ;-)

    Happy Beltane!

    1. "fecundar" is (to "fecund") like taking a sound and a sight and adding a smell to it. I love it.


    2. My best friend just walked in (to yell at me because I'm on another one of my writing trances and forgot to eat). Anyway, she asked me, "Why are you saying "fecundar" over and over?" I said, "I'm making sound and sight dance to see what they smell like." She left the room mumbling that I'm insane lol

    3. bwahahaha. Awesome.

      So I'm not the only one who goes into writing trances and forgets to eat! Yay! Ha.

      So what does it smell like to you? :D