Saturday, April 13, 2013

Epilogue, Written on my Bones

I was thrilled to discover the other day that my Dragon's dad saved a bagful of deer bones I found and salvaged from a deep, muddy ditch, that I thought I'd lost the first time 'round, living with him. So I have got them calling to me, whispering and singing, wanting me to tell their stories in ink and carving.

I can't wait to get them in my hands.

Soooooooo... now would be the time to open dialogue for custom pieces made from deadfall deer bone... hint hint, nudge nudge...


  1. Bones! And there you were thinking all your bones were lost. Have a blast, enjoy them a lot, make some earrings *hint, hint* *nudge, nudge* ;-D

    1. I seem to be drowning in unintentional metaphor this month so far!

      And oh, you will see some earrings. Just you wait. I am currently visiting my mother (who has my beads in storage) and the bones are at Dragon's dad's house (which is actually the livingroom we're staying in right now) so I should have a blurry phone or webcam photograph for you in a few days. :D

    2. "blurry photo" lol

      Well, in my eternal efforts to blackmail you into sharing your awesome writing, and inviting other people to enjoy it, too, I've nominated you for an award. If you are not into awards, it's all right, just grin a lot and feel Epically Awesome ;-)

    3. blurry photo... egads, woman, now you have my mind going strange places!

      And again many thanks! I am honored yet again. I think your blackmail will probably be very effective. My only problem at this point is deciding which of my stories... and which universe... to start with. And there are several. Universes, I mean. Argh!