Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dry Bones

I had about 5 posts for April's blog party over at Magaly's written up and saved to drafts by the 2nd day. I was nine kinds of excited about being so inspired. I was pleased with my Muse, and proud of myself for actually making the time to type them out and save them, so I wouldn't forget.

And then Life comes crashing down. Things have not gone well for the erstwhile adventurers Fox and Dragon. Due to some unfortunate surprises, we are looking at having circumstances go from being merely uncomfortable to downright unpleasant and perhaps nearly unlivable. The only thing offered us is a roof over our heads and food to eat, from someone who can barely afford it. And yes, we're aware that this is a lot more than many people around the globe have. But we have a child with us and two others to think of and work toward a better future for. My life's goal is to create an environment from which my children can forge their own safe, sturdy foundation for their own lives and future. And I cannot do that when I am given nothing but fragments to work with.

The power is out and I'm sitting at Starbucks writing to you now, due to the good graces of my mother who sees fit to make sure I have gas in my car. It is a convenient and comforting way to charge my laptop and my cell phone...

So instead of posting the entry I had planned for my second one, I will write instead about how dry a bone can get, once you've gnawed it to bits and sucked it dry of its marrow. You think that there's no use left of it, and then you remember that primitive peoples have used shards of bone as sewing needles for ages past, and you think that maybe there's some life left in those old bones after all. Just as I hope there's some use left in the bones of what we have to work with. Enough, perhaps, to regrow muscle and veins and organs and skin, to reinvent and resurrect the definition of life, from a few sun-bleached fragments. Rebuilding from the dry bones up, because bones are all we've got left to work with now.

But that's all right, because I am used to working with bones, to making beautiful adornments out of dry, sunbleached bits of nature's leavings. So here goes.

I am minded of Jim Butcher's book Dead Beat, when the character Dresden reanimates the skeleton of the tyrannosaur Sue and goes on a rampage through the midnight streets of Chicago. Not, perhaps, quite the metaphor I was looking for, but the image is a good one nonetheless.

So this is me, with a handful of raggedy bones, on the equally raggedy edge of Life, trying to put them back together again... 


  1. With your energy and determination to fuel them, I can see those bones coming back to life and being better than they used to be.

    Hang in there, my dear Fox and Dragon ;-)

    1. thank you, dear heart. We are, as best we know how. :)