Saturday, April 6, 2013

Close to the Bone

I see
in your eyes
limpid dark pools
a soul alike
and yet unlike
I feel your heart
thump-thud, thump-thud
I hear your breath
I know the wild
flows in your veins
rich and red
I know your bones
because they are like mine
They are bones of the forest
of the moss
the secret treasures
hidden in leaf and twig
Your bones are my bones
And our hearts flutter
as one
yours in fear
mine in thrill
as you bound away
you know
and I know
our places are fixed
My bones are those
of a being that hunts your kind
for food and shelter and tools and
things to create adornments
So with respect
I salute you, friend
for the gift
of flesh
of blood
and bone.


  1. "I know your bones..."

    I wonder what's in the poet's eyes when she says this. And even more mysterious, what's in the listener's soul when such truth is shared.


    1. deep down, we all know each others' bones.