Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bones of the Earth

A girl I was
where the world's bones are old
not buried too deep
just waiting for the right hand to grasp
and Her roots reach up to green and ancient crowns
But a child
dancing on the feather fronds
waving on Her skin
Her cold, rich waters ran from springs deep
in the rolling, reaching hills
the girl-child drank deep
of these clear streams
she bathed in light
of summers golden, warm and bountiful
she played til starlight smiled
down upon her slender limbs
she was alone
amongst a crowd
but her friends were the bones of the earth
the green and growing things
they whispered
and sang
she touched the shining treasures
unearthed by the running waters of her home
and it was love
twixt the girl and the sparkling bones
gifted her by the waters
from deep within the Mother she never had
the earth loved her
and she did love

But she grew up
far too soon
and not by choice
she left the waters and the bones
the rolling hills still beckoned
but she heeded not their siren call
and went where she felt she was needed

They call to her still
in whispers and song
and sometimes silent screams
she hears them on her heart
yanking on her strings
she dreams of them
of the love now denied her
and hope still kindles her heart
that the bones might once again
trickle through her fingers


  1. She starts so happy, so full of what the Mother has to offer. It makes me hope for her... that one day she will be back to where the bones of the earth sing through her fingers and dance on the ground.

    1. One day, one day soon... she is so close...