Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Avengers gone sexist?

Really, guys? (oh, whoops, sorry... guys AND girls. Or do I need to put 'girls' first so it won't be sexist?)

There's this whole big internet stink about these Avengers t-shirts... the "Be a Hero" for boys and "I Need a Hero" for girls. It makes me so sad that even Huffpost ran an article on this. Can't we all just grow up? Ye gods, and there's even some stupid petition out to get the girls' version pulled from virtual shelves. Isn't it just as sexist to demand the girls' version get taken down but not the boys' version right along with it??

Ok, first of all... it's not even sexist. In the wrong light it can be equally discriminatory to boys AND girls. Which just makes it dumb. OR, here's a shocking thought: maybe it's just a t-shirt with Avengers-appropriate lettering.

Breathe, and hear me out, before you jump to the end to tell me how wrong I am. And understand now that I am something of a feminist, but I am an even more staunch believer in common sense.

Yes, I get where these shirts can be taken that way.  

However! Does anyone ever consider the fact that putting pressure on boys to "be a hero" can be just as damaging as telling girls we "need a hero"? That's the kind of stuff that tells boys from an early age they need to be macho, and girls from an early age that we're weak. BOTH stereotypes are just as damaging. Case and point: the fact that oftentimes the pressure put on boys to be a hero comes in such a way that they end up not learning what a true hero is. And oftentimes, girls are told we need rescue so much that we never stop to look at the person who is "rescuing" them (been there, done that... bought the t-shirt. Ha!), or to consider that maybe we could rescue ourselves... or maybe we don't need rescue in the first place.  And the fact that pressure put on either boys or girls to conform to stereotype (whether it's a good one or a bad one) can be damaging - not always because of the stereotype itself, but definitely always because of the pressure to conform. And... so few people ever look at the fact that sexism hurts both sides...

Ok, and here's my other thought: Ladies, is it so bad a thing to demand a hero? We deserve only the very best!!! Maybe it's not so much about needing a rescue as it is just wanting a man who'll do right by us. That, to me, part of being a hero.

Also... it's a freaking comic book tee. Let me stress again: Comic. Book. Tee.

Also also... there are so many more important issues going on in our world and in my own country that freaking comic book tees maybe being sexist is just a NONISSUE. 

Come on. This is not the playground. We are not having a game of girls vs. boys. Get over it, grow up, and start whining about the things that actually matter. Because those are the ones that need changing. Not the questionable choices of a graphic designer and the t-shirt company that hired them. 

Context: with all the time and money wasted whining about these stupid t-shirts how many people have become homeless? How many freedoms have been taken away?

How many people died?


  1. My very philosophical judgments says: It's a damn t-shirt. If someone doesn't want to wear it, well, um... don't freaking buy it!

    "Ye gods!" *hehehehehe*

    1. Thank you! lol.

      *wicked grin* Indeed.