Saturday, April 13, 2013

And for my last Bone trick...

I have been shamelessly advertising my own bony work throughout the party, so I thought I'd set up some fellow artists as my capstone, to give a little back. And these artists deserve it so much more than I! 

I think I'll post links to the coolest Bony treasures (and SUCH treasures, oh I swoon!) I've found through my various and sundry searches, on Pinterest and Etsy (and omgoodness how many cool things pop up on Etsy if you type in "bone"!!!) and others...  Starting with some things that make me wish SO badly I had money, highlights from my Bone treasury on Etsy:

This shop has SO much cool stuff, but these are very near the top of my list.

Also a shop with some super-cool accessories: 

And the last from Etsy:  

And now from Pinterest: Bone Bangle Bracelet

You can see the rest of my Bone Collection on Pinterest if you're interested.

And to top it off, a selection of bonework from deviantART:

Much love, happy Blogoversary Magaly dear, and all you others partying along!


  1. Shame doesn't belong in the presence of all the beauty you've been sharing with us. Not even a bit. I'm so glad you did; now, in time, I will have a wonderful pair of new earrings ;-)

    Oh, I'm I WANT that mind-blowing hat!

    1. I have got an image in my head of you wearing that hat, a la the voodoo art stylings in The Princess and the Frog - all darkly bright colors and wicked grins, with feathers and shiny beads all a-sparkle...

      Sometimes I think I take far too much pleasure in my own Art... but most of the time I'm too busy enjoying it to care overmuch ;) Much like writing, hm?

    2. That's what makes the process so delightful.

      Hm, me a princess... I like ;-)