Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beltane, 2012

Beltane's upcoming
and I just want to say
with all green things growing
and summer only a month away
here's some spring blessings
and a hope for a happy May Day.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm a _____ mom

I'm a geek mom. I play Skyrim and World of Warcraft with my baby in my lap, giggling up a storm at the colors and movement and sound in front of us.  Her daddy and I play Dungeons and Dragons at night while she's asleep on my chest, taking extra care that the dice rolls do not wake the snoozing dragonette. I perfer Mac over PC. I expose my kids to Star Trek, Doctor Who, and good Sci-fi/fantasy fiction. Asimov, Gibson, and Heinlein are some of my favorite authors, along with Mercedes Lackey, Jacqueline Carey, Jim Butcher, Sara Douglass, and about a dozen others.  I'm a huge fan of the Dresden Files and so is my oldest girl. I'm a Steampunker; I recycle, and upcycle, and repurpose old, forgotten bits from an old, almost-forgotten time. I listen to Clockwork Quartet and Abney Park. My kids think AP is the greatest band ever. I'm slowly converting my wardrobe (mostly) over to a pseudo-Victorian uber-eclectic style. Some of my favorite words are "aether", "clockworks", and "airship". I love the literature. I love the concepts. And I share that love with my kids when I get the chance.

I'm a "witch" mom. I believe in things that others consider "pagan" or "wiccan" without actually subscribing to either religion. I believe in kitchen-witchery and garden-witchery, in all the best senses of the word. I believe in the earth - Mother Earth and Father Sky. I believe in nature spirits, and otherworld spirits - fae and worse. I believe in demons and angels (having had personal encounters with both). I believe in totems (see my earlier post on Coyote), and elemental energies. I believe in celebrating the Wheel of the Year. I believe in the old holidays, not the stolen versions we have today. I believe spirituality should be earth-based and heart-based, not closed up in a structure built by man and shut off from what is Real. I believe in balancing Yin and Yang. I believe in Feng Shui. I burn candles and incense and read books on herbal magicks and crystals and colors and correspondences. I believe in magick, because I've experienced it and I know it's Real. I believe in the old things, all that was bright and beautiful... and dark and dire. I believe there is good and evil. Because magick isn't all light and love... when you step into the world of magick, you step into a world that is both dark and light, that can be dangerous for the unwary. It's a world that will eat you alive if you don't tread carefully. But it's a world that offers up so much more than most will ever dream of.

I'm an earthy mom. I breastfeed. I believe in lots of hugs, and love instead of negative feedback or coercion techniques. I believe in attachment parenting. I have to have my windows open to the sun and sky for a certain number of hours each day. I try to get my baby's feet (and bottom, if she's so inclined to sit) in the grass at least once every day.  I get driven crazy by the fact I can't really have a garden right now. I try to use as much all-natural stuff(cleaners, soaps, shampoos, essential oils, herbs, homeopathy, etc.) at home as I can afford. I believe in natural remedies and alternative medicine. I believe in hand-me-downs and shopping at Goodwill... as much because you can find the niftiest stuff there as because it's cheap, and it's recycling. I teach my kids sign language even though they don't need it. I believe in permaculture and green, sustainable, off-the-grid living. I believe in unschooling and homeschooling, because public schools and homework are some of the dumbest things in the world. I wish I had a creek for my girls like I did when I was a kid. I love walks in the woods. I love identifying plants and trees and animals, and teaching my kids about each one. I love the wind. I love the mountains. I want my kids to experience the wonders I had in my own backyard as a child.

I'm a artist mom. I write when I get the chance and inspiration. I draw characters from my stories with pencil and ink and markers. I make digital art with Photoshop and Mojoworld and I'm trying to learn Poser, and I'd like to learn Bryce and a few others. I paint with oil paints and love the smell of turpentine and drying canvas. I make jewelry with beads and gems and wire, and a half-dozen other things... whatever strikes my fancy. I try to find ways to mix my creativity with everyday life.

But most of all, most importantly, I'm just a mom.