Monday, October 8, 2012

Some days...

....I'd just rather not get out of bed. Some days you learn things that make you hate humanity, your own life, or the universe, and not necessarily in that order.

I woke up and got on FB (possibly my first mistake) and checked my email. There's so much BS about voting and voter registration and that sparked the first rant of the day. And I quote, from my FB status:

"ye Gods. if I see one more "vote because it's your right and responsibility" thing I may screech and claw something to shreds. I am abstaining this year. This is my conscientious objection. These are my reasons:

1. Voting for the "lesser of two evils" when neither approved candidate is really "lesser" is not going to do any good. It's just going to continue and encourage the vicious cycle of sto
mping on the American people to benefit the privileged few.

addendum: who the hell "approved" these candidates anyway?? The American people? No!

2. Did we not see from last election that those in power put their choice in office no matter who we vote for? McCain won the popular vote over Obama. That means the majority of the American people wanted McCain. The Electoral College put Obama in office, overriding the majority vote. That means that the individual's vote DOES NOT MATTER. So no, one vote does not make a difference unless you're in the Electoral College.

3. Until a third party puts forward a viable candidate to end the idiotic cycle of duality that never goes anywhere, it's not worth it to me to get worked up over something I can't change.

So I choose not to vote. Hate, deride, and look down your nose at me. But my reasons are valid and you can't really argue with them. And don't tell me I can "write in" a different name. Because that's not going to make a difference any more than voting for an approved candidate is."
The second thing that tweaked me today was when I found out that someone(s) who shall remain nameless are getting money invested in their business, which has only been in existence as an idea for about a month. They're getting about $2000. The thing that irritated me is that I've been trying for YEARS to make a business, or at least a thriving hobby, out of my jewelry, or possibly my other interests. There are a only a few pieces of equipment I need(ed). These few pieces add up to less than $1000. Someone else who shall remain nameless received a nearly-$1000 forge for his birthday once, barely uses the freaking thing (he told me it scared him, in point of fact!), and I couldn't even get a $300-$400 kiln to do bronze and copper Metal Clay work. Or an even cheaper rotary tool. People like me get passed over. People like me have to make their own luck because we don't get help. Why didn't I say anything about it bothering me at the time, you ask? Because I'm not the kind of person who complains just to get what they want. I don't whine. I do, however, smile and take the knocks and keep going. But I feel it all the same. But I don't want to carry it anymore. So: that bothered me. A lot.  It's not fair. Yes, I know, life isn't fair. But people are supposed to be fair to one another. Even more so when you're family.

But that apparently doesn't apply to me.

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