Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I do not believe
the God you preach about
would ask me to give up happiness
in favor of your version of righteousness

I do not believe
the God you teach about
would tell me to sacrifice my Self
just for the sake of someone else's peace of mind.

I really think
the God you claim to know
would not tell me that I can't have it all
just because it doesn't fit with your ideas.

I have flown on wings
that took me higher than any eagles could
can you say the same?
I have fallen farther
to depths no whale could breach
do you know what that feels like?

I have often wished upon a star
and never had those dreams come so near to true
Only to have it torn so far
You never even asked me what I dreamt to do.

And now I am ineffectual
Powerless to stem the tide against me
Are you pleased with what you've done?
Let me count the ways you've tried to end me.

Never mistake, never forget
I will rise again
And it will be you regretting
That you did not remember who I was.

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