Friday, September 9, 2011

Thoughts on the Inner Life

There is a life that no one lives
There is a song that no one can sing
A painted picture down inside, that no hand has ever touched
Things deep within that nobody can see

Lonliness and love are two sides of the same coin, as are hatred and companionship.  One cannot love without first knowing hate.  One cannot be fulfilled without first knowing emptiness. One cannot be faithful until learning of betrayal.

So what of the life that no one lives?

It is the soul's life that never dies, the life inside that resides in darkness and shadow, shining its light for all to see whose eyes are open; for without Darkness there can be no Light.

What of the song that no one sings?

It is the soul's emotions that are its melody.  Love and Hate, Joy and Sorrow, Happiness and Grief, Hope and Despair are its lyrics.  When felt, they make a sound or speak a moment, and together they weave a song.

What of the picture no hand has drawn?

It is the soul itself, a grand tapestry of song and life that surpasses in beauty all things.  It is the masterpiece of creation; it is what makes a person who and what they are.  Its colors are the qualities that form a human heart.  Its shapes are the balances and actions that proceed from the makeup of the soul.  It is, above all things, unique, and a treasure.

Sorrow and loss create a tapestry of dark colors and forbidding shapes; love and happiness paint a picture of light and joyful things.  those who know only happiness cannot know it in full without having tasted the bitterness of betrayal and anguish; those who hate know nothing of love and yet they know what it is not,  Therefore they will love deeper and wiser than those who have known only brightness.  This is a love that takes its victims unawares, without mercy or pity, that cares not whom it may touch.  It cares not what hearts it may destroy.

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