Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Journey into the Sacred Feminine: Prologue

Sacred Feminine.

Bringing a sense of the divine to women's inner souls and spirits, creating an open road to our inner lives and empowerment through Goddess archetypes and symbolism.

What comes to mind for you when you read those two words?  For a lot of people, they are amazing, powerful, life-changing bringers of epiphany and growth.  For some, they evoke negative connotations, such as those associated with overzealous feminists or crazy dirt-worshipping tree huggers.  An image equally powerful, less well known, and possibly both positive and negative is the image of the Dianic religious tradition a la Z Budapest.  For me, these words are are a journey I'm still walking.   I've been reading books (with others on my future reading list) that have introduced the sacred feminine in different manners that are equally poignant to me.  I also haven't actually finished any of these books yet.

 The first book I started reading is Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  It brings the sacred feminine into the realm of Jungian psychology via the medium of folk tales meant to teach.  The second book I started reading is Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd.

This is the story of my journey, still being written...

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